Subway Runner


Subway Runner is a fantastic unlimited running game set in a train station in picturesque Hong Kong. The security guard unintentionally noticed a small youngster spray painting on the train. You must assist him in evading the guard's pursuit and attempting to save his life while sprinting along the tracks. However, the security guard's pursuit is not the most pressing issue in this journey. The train station is filled with perilous hazards and there are numerous trains that run back and forth. Your mission is to direct the youngster to run and leap over obstacles in order to survive as long as possible. The longer you play, the more likely you are to come across unique elements like magnets, skateboards, and rockets. It's also important to collect glittering coins along the journey to exchange for more amazing characters and outfits in the store. Let’s explore Subway Runner now!

How to play

  • Move the character with the arrow keys
  • Press the spacebar to use the skateboard

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