Sonic the Hedgehog


Sonic the Hedgehog is a marvelous adventure game with a familiar cartoon character. Players will take on the role of a speedy blue hedgehog, Sonic, to perform the mission. A crazy scientist is capturing the friends. Go through six acts, including 18 zones, to reach Eggman's castle to rescue them. With the amazing abilities, Sonic can move extremely fast and create powerful rolling tornadoes. This feature can help you conquer different terrains to collect golden rings.

Challenges in Sonic The Hedgehog will have enemies (vicious animals) and obstacles (spikes and deep holes). You need a clever navigation strategy to have as few collisions as possible. Your character only has three lives; take advantage of these few opportunities to overcome beautiful but dangerous terrain. Every time a collision occurs, the rings you collect will also fall out, so be careful at each step.

How to play

  • The left and right arrows move.
  • Use the spacebar to transform into a ball.
  • Press the up arrow to make the main object look around.

In addition, with high terrain, take running steps to be able to move forward and collect useful items.

Some tips to have good rounds

  • Take advantage of your character's amazing speed ability as well. However, you should not move too fast without clearly understanding the terrain.
  • Use accessibility features effectively to open up convenient pathways.
  • The monkeys' bombs will disappear in a moment. If you can't jump over, stay away from them, wait until they explode, and continue the round.
  • Practice regularly to memorize the terrain and have appropriate conquering plans.
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