X Trench Run


X Trench Run will take you on a vast space adventure in an exciting endless runner game. You will control a fighter plane participating in a space war against the empire. Your target is to navigate the main object to avoid obstacles, which are shields and security cameras. Occasionally, a boss fight occurs that requires gamers' quick improvisation. The round ends when a collision occurs or the aircraft's power is exhausted.

How to play

Navigate the combat aircrafts

  • UP arrow: fly high.
  • DOWN arrow: fly down low.
  • LEFT arrow: steer left.
  • RIGHT arrow: steer right.
  • Spacebar: to shoot.

Note that the main entity in X Trench Run only has a limited range of movement. This means you won't be able to crash into the walls on the sides, the floor below, or fly out of narrow trenches. Besides, on the main track, there are also items that speed up or slow down. Players need a reasonable strategy before collecting these power-ups.

To master your rounds

  • Look at the terrain from afar to move as quickly as possible and remove barriers (if any).
  • Press and hold the spacebar continuously to always be in attack mode. Your amount of ammo is unlimited, so just use as much as you can.
  • You can break barriers that only have space on one side to open up a wider flight path.
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