Doodle Jump


Doodle Jump is an unlimited jumping game that challenges the players’ ability to react and handle situations appropriately. An addictive game with an adorable cartoon character will be an entertainment choice not to be missed. Your mission is to control the main object to jump to the highest possible level. Green land masses floating in the air are safe landing spots. Additionally, cracked terrain can cause the main entity to fall if jumped on. In addition, the appearance of monsters can also put your Doodle's life in danger. Use your character's special powers to shoot down these annoying people who get in the way.

How to play

The Rules of this Game

  • Your Doodle must jump onto green grass platforms to avoid falling.
  • Any stairs that disappear from the screen will no longer appear. That means if you fall from the top of the screen, a deadly void awaits you, and the round ends.
  • You maneuver the character to take down enemies by shooting bullets at them or jumping on their heads.
  • The springs on the platforms are to make higher jumps.

Controls and some tips

The character in Doodle Jump will automatically bounce. You manage the jump direction for the main entity using the left and right arrows. Some notes that can help make your score more impressive are:

  • Aim for the lower platforms when they are far apart. Your ultimate goal is to conquer the height of the platforms, not the height of each jump.
  • Attack monsters, but you still need to pay attention to safe terrain to land on.
  • Use spring mattresses whenever possible.
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