Drift Boss


Drift Boss is a challenging navigation game with tricky roads. Players control an autopilot car, making tight turns to proceed. Your score will depend on how long you stay on the main track of the main entity. The gameplay is simple, but it has a mission full of brain hacks. The game requires you to be able to accurately align your turns so you don't fall off the path. The movement of the vehicle will make your strategies vulnerable to errors. How do you have the most standard key operation? First of all, let's learn about the special navigation in Drift Boss.

How to play

Driving the moving car

  • Hold the spacebar or click to go right.
  • Release the spacebar or click to go left.

There is a small but extremely important tip for you to have more professional drifts. Let's direct the main object to move closer to a bend. Don't worry, because once your car steers, it will immediately move in a straight line. Speed can change over time, so be very focused to avoid causing unfortunate losses.

The Appealing Features

  • Unique navigation provides the most accurate key-hold and jump timing experiences.
  • The coin-collecting feature will help you unlock other skins for your car.
  • Daily rewards help gamers improve their achievements.
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