Super Mario Bros


Super Mario Bros is a classic role-playing adventure game. Together with the brave character Mario, set out to start your thrilling journey to complete your noble mission. The terrain in this game appears to be countless floating bricks, vicious mutated creatures such as mushrooms or turtles, and a number of other obstacles. The gameplay is simple, but the challenges in eight worlds will be a difficult puzzle for every player. In particular, each world includes four small rounds that need to be passed one after another to reach the castle of the final boss, Bowser. Don't worry; during his adventure, Mario will be able to discover power-ups such as size growth, flame guns, flying grass, and so on.

How to play

  • Use the arrow keys or WASD to move.
  • Press the Shift key to fire.
  • Use the Ctrl key to Sprint.

The Detailed Obstacle and the Way to Overcome

In Super Mario Bros, there are some specific challenges that you need to understand to be able to overcome:

  • Enemies: Lovely creatures in the beautiful creature kingdom have been transformed into vicious interfaces. Your character needs to avoid them or jump on top of them to destroy them. In particular, when you have a turtle shell, you can use it as a weapon to roll away and destroy other enemies.
  • Static obstacles such as bricks, cliffs, and traps: For bricks, you can control the character to jump to break and collect items in the question mark or take down small enemies standing on them. In that time, cliffs need to be climbed to move and avoid traps to avoid losing your life.
  • Movable obstacles such as the constant appearance of flowers and waterfalls. There is no other way; you need to time it right or choose a favorable momentum position to overcome these types of barriers.
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