Slope is a running game with a simple design but attractive gameplay. Players will take a journey on a beautiful 3D neon road. Your goal is to control the ball to slide as far as possible. This game is not easy, with tricky obstacles and dangerous slides. Deadly red squares will cause your entity to explode. Or suddenly changing terrain makes gamers unable to react in their navigation.

In addition, Slope also has an extremely attractive level creation feature. You can design your own adventure map and challenge other players. Every item that appears in the main game can be found in the inventory. Your creativity is limitless. Furthermore, players can also take advantage of this feature by creating easy rounds to practice and improve. Start with the simplest openings and gradually increase the difficulty to achieve more impressive achievements.

How to play

Gamers navigate the ball moving through the neon space using the arrow keys: the up arrow to jump, the left arrow to go left, and the right arrow to go right. It has a little maneuvering trick that can help you have a better round. Instead of avoiding obstacles, jump over them if the terrain ahead is not dangerous. As the main object slides automatically with increasing speed, your navigation becomes more difficult. Jumping up will be a safe option to keep the ball in the same direction instead of moving to the sides and easily falling.obstacles

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