Tomb Runner


Tomb Runner is a thrilling 3D runner game based on the popular game Temple Run. Prepare for a thrilling adventure as a daring explorer attempts to escape frightening threats in a secret old tomb.

Before you begin playing this wonderful Tomb Runner game, prepare your reflexes. You will accompany the adventurer on a tough journey through the maze of a stunning, derelict old temple. You will not be able to rest for a moment when the game begins if you do not want to lose your life early. Run endlessly forward, maneuvering carefully to avoid flaming walls, fences, rocks, and chasms along the route. Just one minor error in the race could cost you your life and terminate the game. However, not everything you see on the road should be avoided. Collect power orbs to boost your stamina and protect yourself during your quest. Don't forget to gather coins for a high score and redeem new characters in the store to make your racing even more fun! Now, are you ready to run?

How to play

On the phone:

  • Touch with swipe and tap to play

On the computer:

  • Use arrow keys to move and jump

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