Run 3


Run 3 is a game of running on an endless road in a vast universe. Players will accompany a small alien to overcome challenges in a space maze. Your mission is to run as far as possible and avoid deadly pits. At the same time, don't forget to collect items during the adventure to improve your character's achievements and strength.

In Run 3, it seems like your entity is searching for something in outer space. That map could be new lands or locations that hold a secret. You can only know when you explore this adventurous journey for yourself. Professionally avoid gaps and temporary blocks. The speed of the round will become faster over time with more difficult terrain.

How to play

You control the character using the arrow keys. The direction of the moving arc will rotate according to the movement of the main entity. Besides, you can use the spacebar to direct the entity to jump over temporary blocks. Don't forget to accumulate lots of bonus points to unlock different skins for your aliens.