Train Surfers


Train Surfers is an agility adventure game inspired by the popular Subway Suffer that takes you on a frantic chase along train tracks. Just don't run into any obstacles; no one can catch up to you!

Feel free to express yourself with the stunning characters in Train Surfers. You must run quickly along the tracks to avoid the angry guard's pursuit. Your ingenuity and survival abilities will be tested in the most difficult and perilous terrain. You won't be able to contain your enthusiasm while parkouring past the barricades and narrowly avoiding the front of the train. Collect special gift boxes to unlock special abilities, such as magnets that attract gold cash, flying shoes, or rockets that propel you across enchanted districts. Collect a large number of gold coins to exchange for all of the spectacular costumes in the store for your character.

How to play

  • Use the arrow keys or mouse pointer to control in the game

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