Bus Rush


Bus Rush is an agility-running game that plays similarly to Subway Surfer. Join trendy guys and girls as they dash through obstacles on streets crowded with buses, vehicles, and even subways. Are you prepared to unleash your speed?

Bus Rush delivers exhilarating action on bustling, colorful streets. Choose a character who fits your personality and begin an unforgettable experience at the bus stop. You must avoid hitting vehicles, leap over fences, and collect coins. This race has no end, so there is no urgency to cross the finish line. Try to survive for as long as possible in order to achieve the maximum possible score. On the track, mysterious items will occasionally occur. Collect them to gain special abilities such as magnets, flying shoes, or rockets to double the enjoyment. In addition, there are attractive skateboard models available in the store. Join in Bus Rush now!

How to play

  • Use the mouse to control in the game

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