Bus and Subway Runner


In the Bus and Subway Runner arcade game, you can enjoy the thrilling experience of skateboarding down dangerous streets against buses. Overcome difficult barriers and outrun the police chase!

Bus and Subway Runner is an agility game inspired by the popular running game Subway Suffer. Skateboarding on the road, but this time the goal is to dodge the approaching large buses rather than the train. Your task is to control this active boy to avoid barricades, buses, and traffic signs on the road to survive as long as possible. Perform incredible somersaults in the air with your skateboard while collecting shiny coins dispersed along the route. As you absorb items on the track, you will unlock astonishing powers. Don't hesitate any longer! This tiny buddy is ready for you to skate with him in Bus and Subway Runner!

How to play

  • To go to the left, swipe left or press A
  • To move to the right, press the right arrow or D
  • Jump by pressing the up arrow or W
  • Use the down arrow or the S key to move
  • To control a hoverboard, press and hold the left mouse button twice

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