Skate Hooligans


Skate Hooligans is an engaging action-adventure game that will transport you on thrilling chases. Choose your favorite character and skateboard, then hit the streets to compete with other gamers from all over the world!

Do you enjoy thrilling, daring activities? Jump over obstacles on rough terrain and feel the rush of exhilaration in Skate Hooligans. You begin the game as an enthusiastic and mischievous skateboarder. He's in trouble when he draws negative attention to a tough cop. Skillfully steer him around difficult barriers while avoiding the police pursuit. The game's bright, vivid 3D graphics will undoubtedly leave you with lasting impressions. Grab some buddies and start the exciting racing challenge in Skate Hooligans now!

How to play

  • Use the arrow keys to control the character
  • Press the spacebar or the up arrow key to jump up

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