Tanuki Sunset


Tanuki Sunset is an action skateboarding game in which you compete in a high-speed race across a 3D landscape with a brave raccoon named Tanuki. Make use of the Tanuki's fast reflexes to navigate twisting turns and jump over obstacles.

Have you ever seen a raccoon with impressive skating abilities? Meet this magnificent creature in Tanuki Sunset and assist the Tanuki raccoon in overcoming all rough terrain in breathtaking 3D deserts. There is no pressure to compete with anyone in this game. Feel free to demonstrate spectacular slides over any terrain and accurate high jumps to earn high marks. In addition to avoiding obstacles, remember to acquire objects that will boost your raccoon's power. Are you confident in training Tanuki to be the best skateboarder in the game? Come play and explore the magnificent routes while listening to the peaceful songs of Tanuki Sunset!

How to play

  • Use the arrow keys to control the character
  • Press the S key or down arrow to perform a 180 degree slide
  • Press SPACEBAR to drift
  • Press the Esc key to pause
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