Aladdin Runner


Aladdin Runner takes you on an infinite run alongside the brave Alladin. Assist Aladdin in escaping the ferocious royal soldier's chase while collecting a large amount of gold moneys.

The royal warriors despised Alladin and plotted to harm the noble prince. Aladdin had no alternative but to retreat into the crowded neighborhood to avoid the guards' swords. However, the street is extremely dangerous and full of traps. Your goal is to help Aladdin hop over barriers and dodge traps in order to save his life. With a single stumble, the furious cavalry would catch up and capture him alive. Collect as many precious gold coins as possible on your journey to the store in order to exchange them for desirable things. You might be lucky enough to come upon a magic carpet on the road. In Aladdin Runner, you can ride the carpet and fly across the sky!

How to play

  • To control the character's movement, use the arrow keys

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