Ultimate Endless Runner Engine


Ultimate Unlimited Runner Engine is a fantastic unlimited agility runner game in which the primary character is the proud Batman. Help this agile Batman escape from the scary masked natives and jump over perilous obstacles on a maze-like desert island. The game requires your quick reactions and survival skills when controlling the bat to overcome deep holes, rocks, barriers, and hundreds of difficult challenges on the track. Although the Batman in this game is large, he is unable to fight and must flee. So try not to stumble or strike any obstacles; otherwise, you will be apprehended by the disguised natives and defeated. Don't miss any power-ups or gold coins you come across along the road since they will come in handy later in the stages. Now go to the Ultimate Endless Runner Engine; Batman needs your assistance!

How to play

  • Use the left and right arrow keys to move left or right
  • Press the up arrow to jump up, and press the down arrow to curl up

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