Trigonometry Dash 2


Are you ready to jump into Trigonometry Dash 2? This incredible adventure platform game is inspired by the well-known classic game, Geometry Dash. The obstacle courses in this game are incredibly exciting and rival the original edition in terms of attractiveness!

In Trigonometry Dash 2, you play as a dynamic cube, navigating colorful platforming levels and avoiding dangerous traps. The cube can now transform into a variety of fascinating shapes during its excursions. This cube must jump and spin continually through jagged spikes in a deep tunnel, testing your reflexes to the utmost. With new gameplay themes, you can experience fantastic features like spinning in the air, flying like a rocket, and jumping back to the ceiling. So, if you're ready, join Trigonometry Dash 2 for some fun rhythm racing!

How to play

  • Use arrow keys to control
  • Press the space button to jump up
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