Geometry Dash


Geometry Dash is a fast-action cube game that takes you on a captivating rhythm adventure with a dynamic cube. Test your reflexes by jumping and flying to the music while avoiding all the tricky obstacles!

Are you looking forward to a fun and exciting game to relax? Play Geometry Dash now, and you definitely won't be able to sit still with the exciting cube action in the exciting rhythm track. You can choose a practice mode to practice when you first get acquainted with the game. Once mastered, show off your impressive skills in official mode. In official mode, you will participate in a real race with other players to win the top position in the rankings. Control your cube quickly and flexibly to overcome spikes or deep holes and reach the finish line safely before time runs out. Try to get the highest score in the group to enjoy the feeling of glorious victory in the Geometry Dash!

How to play

  • Press the up arrow key or spacebar to jump up
  • Hold the up arrow button or spacebar to jump multiple times in a row
  • Press the down arrow to go down

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