Man Runner 2048


In the puzzle-running game Man Runner 2048, you must guide a man through obstacles and earn points to achieve the number 2048. The ultimate task is to take out the skeleton boss at the end of the race.

If you want to play a game that is both entertaining and rewarding, Man Runner 2048 will not disappoint. This game, which combines the running game genre with arithmetic gameplay, will keep you entertained for hours. Aside from sprinting to dodge obstacles like saw blades and lethal spike traps, you must also calculate the numbers to ensure that your character gets the highest score. Avoid subtracting and dividing cells. Instead, proceed to the cells with plus signs, multiplication signs, and numbers on them. After completing all of the trials, you must aim exactly at the boss and fire bullets at him. The boss is really powerful, so you'll need a lot of troops to completely destroy him. Can you win in Man Runner 2048?

How to play

  • Hover to move
  • Left click on the target to destroy

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