Human Ball 3D


Human Ball 3D is an arcade runner game in which you control a big ball composed of hundreds of different people! Collect more people to make a massive ball that can shatter all walls!

Prepare for a unique race in Human Ball 3D! The game has monochrome graphics and simple gameplay, but it will undoubtedly fascinate you due to its very addictive nature. When you first start playing the game, all you have to do is collect as many individuals as possible to make the ball bigger. Remember to control left or right on the barrier with the highest number. If you roll the ball into the minus barrier, its size gradually decreases, and so does your score. Once you've collected as many people as possible and reached the conclusion of the level, your ball has the ability to smash the red walls. Can you cross the finish line with a record score? Try playing now!

How to play

  • Hold the left mouse button and move the mouse left or right to control
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