Gun Fest


Gun Fest is an extremely appealing action shooting game. Shoot down all adversaries along the route to earn a good score! Explore the game's massive arsenal of weapons!

Are you ready to show off your shooting skills at Gun Fest? In this game, you must use your precise movement to shoot all passersby at each level. However, simply moving and shooting is insufficient; you must also avoid obstacles in your path to save your life. There will be no attacks attacking you, so feel free to shoot down everyone you see. To optimize your score, pay attention to the road's plus-and-minus obstructions. Later levels will become more difficult, with a large number of adversaries appearing and even enemy army trucks attempting to stop you. So, do you have enough power to defeat them all with your gun? Play Gun Fest now and enjoy your impressive armament!

How to play

  • Left-click and drag the mouse to move
  • Press A to restart this game

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