Impossible Parkour


Impossible Parkour is a platform adventure game with intense trials that test the player's agility. In this colorful 3D graphics game, you can run, jump, and parkour your way to the top!

Are you ready for thrilling parkour in Impossible Parkour? The graphics are minimal, but the action is beautiful and addictive. New challenges in the air will continuously impress you as you go through the 25 stages. Your objective is to safely complete the level by jumping over platforms. To avoid falling into a deep pit, you must pay close attention and practice parkour with precision. Be cautious because not only are the far apart platforms difficult to navigate, but you will also meet challenging shifting platforms in the later stages. It's time to complete difficult stages in Impossible Parkour!

How to play

  • Hover the mouse cursor to navigate
  • Use the arrow keys to move your character
  • Click left mouse button or spacebar to jump up

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