Getaway Shootout


Getaway Shootout is a vibrant arcade-themed game with unique multiplayer rounds. Not just a game, these are also adventures to explore new and unique lands. However, the most important task is still to participate in top matches that require professional skills and wise tactics. In particular, the character's physics-based movements will make your control a formidable challenge. Don't worry; try the challenge many times to get used to and conquer this unique gameplay.

How to play

With Getaway Shootout, you can participate alone or invite friends to form a fighting team. Explore the terrain, pick up the most useful weapons for your entity, and enter the ring. Plus, you can also access chaotic scenes and only move a few simple steps to continue. This gameplay is very suitable for players to practice maneuvering skills.

In addition to quests and collecting combat weapons, players can navigate the object to collect coins on the map. In-game coins will help you unlock new skins for your characters. At the same time, don't forget the power-ups that can help you become superior in the main object's attacks.


  • Single-player: You use the W and E keys to turn or jump to left and right. Besides, press the R key to attack.
  • Two-player: Player 1 has command keys similar to the single-player mode, while Player 2 uses the I, O, and P keys with corresponding operations.
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