Fireboy & Watergirl 6: Fairy Tales


In the two-player puzzle game Fireboy and Watergirl 6: Fairy Tales, you will go through new levels with two favorite characters in a land of lovely fairies straight out of fairy tales. The game contains 30 stunning levels that will put your problem-solving skills to the test.

Fireboy and Watergirl return with the sixth installment, Fireboy and Watergirl 6: Fairy Tales, which centers around a beautiful fairy temple. Control two characters to solve puzzles and acquire priceless gems, while also figuring out how to open the portal to exit the level. Note that the second player is likewise a teammate; therefore, there is no need for competition. If one of the two characters fails, the surviving player loses, and the game is over. The trials in the new temple are full of difficult traps. However, there is no need to worry because you will be assisted by the nice fairies. Play Fireboy and Watergirl 6: Fairy Tales and prepare to unlock all of the levels!

How to play

  • Use arrow keys to jump and move
  • Click to select item

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