Extreme Run 3D


In the Extreme Run 3D racing game, you will be immersed in a challenging virtual environment that provides an extraordinarily genuine experience. Play as an unlucky ball rushing forward, attempting to jump over traps rapidly in order to survive as long as possible.

If you enjoy adventurous feelings, Extreme Run 3D will undoubtedly thrill you when faced with moments of close survival. The game takes place in a dark 3-dimensional region in outer space, with numerous spike mats and deep holes that come unexpectedly to test your bravery. Use your hidden survival skills to jump and escape obstacles in time. Are you ready for Extreme Run 3D's 50 exhilarating levels? Begin your experience now!

How to play

  • Use the left and right arrow keys to control.
  • To jump higher, press the up arrow key.

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