3D Ball Balancer


3D Ball Balancer is an intriguing skill game that tests your control abilities. Your objective is to safely guide the steel ball across the wooden bridge. However, the bridge is narrow, and the ball is tough to handle. Will you still win, though?

To get to the boat, you must navigate a challenging path on a floating bridge with a steel ball. To accomplish this, your skills must be honed and polished more than before. Unlike other racing games, this ball does not move on its own and needs your help to move. Drag the ball carefully to avoid traps and perilous curves on the bridge. Try not to let the ball fall into the water; otherwise, you will have to start over. Each level has only 5 lives, so don't squander them by inadvertently falling. Play 3D Ball Balancer and complete the hard levels!

How to play

  • Swipe to drag the ball forward

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