Aquapark Balls Party


Aquapark Balls Party is a casual action game in which players compete on a fun water slide filled with colorful balls! The game's fascinating and simple gameplay will keep you engaged for hours!

Aquapark Balls Party is a racing game located within a water park attraction. You must regulate the balls as they slide down a lengthy, winding slide to keep the number of balls that reach the destination constant. Aside from the difficult-to-control zigzag terrain, you must also carefully avoid obstructions along the road. Be wary of sudden turns or cracks to prevent dropping your balls into deep holes. Playing with a friend in 2-player mode will make the game much more fun. Let's battle on the track with addition and subtraction math barriers to see who gets the highest score at the end of the Aquapark Balls Party game!

How to play

1 Player Option:

  • To control the ball in this game, use the left mouse button or the arrow keys.

2 Player Option:

  • Player 1: Move the ball with the A or D key button
  • Player 2: Move the ball with the left and right arrow keys

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