VEX Challenges


VEX Challenges is an extraordinarily stunning runner-action game that builds on the success of the popular Vex 7. The grueling survival races continue, but this time additional mechanisms will be introduced. You must run to the finish line within the time limit. That means there won't be much room for error since if you don't cross the finish line before time runs out, you will lose.

To keep the stickman alive during the 75 difficult challenges in VEX Challenges, you must jump, slide, and escape all traps. Also, don't forget to gather gold stars to gain an excellent score when you finish the race. Are you prepared for the thrill of dodging huge hammers, carpets of razor spikes, and deep pits of death in the game? When you complete all of the VEX Challenges, you will become the most talented stickman adventurer!

How to play

  • Use the arrow keys and WASD flexibly to control the stickman character
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