Vex 5


With the platform action game Vex 5, you must patiently accept stumbles to reach your destination. Your path to your destination with your stickman friend will become more and more arduous when mobile blades, giant iron saws, or avalanches of rocks suddenly appear to block the way. Practice to become an undefeated player by completing all levels in the game!

If you are familiar with the tough challenges in the runner series, Vex, get ready to put your survival skills to the test, as the levels in this fifth installment will be insane beyond your imagination. It can take you up to an hour to play a level because of the new, difficult traps that keep you losing. Jump through fiery caves, dodge sharp saw blades, and slide over sharp spike traps to help the brave stickman complete the level. Now get ready to explore Vex 5's diverse environments that won't stop you from playing!

How to play

  • Control with arrows and WASD
  • Press R key to reboot

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