Teeth Runner!


In the agility game Teeth Runner, you must scrub the teeth of dozens of demanding customers. Overcome long customer queues and avoid obstacles to reach the finish line with the best score. Can you become an expert toothbrusher?

In Teeth Runner, you'll face hundreds of unclean teeth. You will play as an agile toothbrush staff, aiming to satisfy customers in order to earn the highest score. Observe carefully before getting toothpaste, because if you put the wrong sort of toothpaste in, the customer will be upset. Humans love brilliant white toothpaste, but monsters prefer brown toothpaste. Avoid obstacles and serve as many customers as you can before the level ends. It's time to set a new record in Teeth Runner!

How to play

  • Click and hold the left mouse button to brush the teeth and release to avoid obstacles

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