Pancake Run 3D


Join the Pancake Run 3D skill game and deliver tasty pancakes to the guests. How many cake layers can you ensure make it to the destination?

Pancake Run 3D's scrumptious pancakes can move autonomously to reach customers! You must assist them in avoiding perilous obstacles to reach the dinner table. At the start, there will be simply one layer of cake. As a result, move rapidly and gather more ingredients to make your cake rise even higher. Avoid rotating traps and open-mouthed heads along the way, as these will darken your cake's layers. The final goal is to go to the location and serve enough cakes to consumers. In subsequent levels, the number of people to serve will increase, so you must create the highest pancakes possible. How many amazing levels of Pancake Run 3D will you complete?

How to play

  • Use the mouse to control the character in this game

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