Talking Tom Run Gold


Talking Tom Run Gold is a fun running action game with stunning 3D visuals. In this game, you can fly swiftly through the streets, jump on car roofs, and collect a lot of dazzling gold bars.

You must be familiar with Tom, the cute talking gray cat. In Talking Tom Run Gold, join this amusing cat on an amazing journey! The streets are chaotic because there are so many gold bars scattered throughout. When brave Tom discovered the gold robber, he dropped the gold everywhere. Control Tom to run and jump skillfully to gather all of the precious gold and avoid all of the hazards along the colorful road. This amazing cat's spectacular somersaults and unusual abilities will undoubtedly delight you. Absorb various artifacts along the route to gain magical powers and improve Tom's skills. Each round has only three lives, so use all of your ability to earn all three stars. It's time to catch the gold thief in Talking Tom Run!

How to play

With computer:

  • Use the arrow keys to control the cat

With phone:

  • Swipe in different directions on the screen to control

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