Blue Mushroom Cat Run


Blue Mushroom Cat Run is an exceedingly enjoyable racing game with beautifully made 3D graphics. A mischievous blue cat with a mushroom head is dashing forward. You must assist him in avoiding the black holes and barriers that appear on the course at regular intervals. On this unforgettable voyage, experience the thrill of skateboarding and soar to new heights!

Are you prepared to discover the breathtaking 3D scenes in Blue Mushroom Cat Run? Each new round offers exciting, unique places for you to join! In each round, you must assist the mushroom-headed cat in chasing down the gold thief. To achieve the greatest possible score, control the cat expertly as it jumps over obstacles and collects glittering gold coins. Cities with brilliant stars at night, lush green beaches, and forests loaded with fresh flowers await your arrival. Test your reflexes by playing this fantastic game now!

How to play

  • Use the arrow keys or mouse cursor to control the character
  • Press the spacebar to jump

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