Super Hexagon


Super Hexagon is an exciting video game that challenges your quick reflexes. This fast-paced Twitch game leaves no room for any missteps or distractions. You will control a triangle located outside a non-closed hexagon. Your target is to use that hole to move to a block surrounding the outside. Repeat like that until a collision occurs; your final score is determined.

Super Hexagon has simple gameplay but brings many challenges due to the breakneck speed of the rotations. Your ultimate goal is to survive as long as possible to gain impressive scores. The game requires players to be able to combine their eyes and hands to keep the main entity safe. The constantly changing hole locations can make you confused, but that's okay. Practice many times to improve and put your name on the world leaderboard!

How to play

Players control the triangle by using the left and right arrows to rotate in the corresponding direction. The speed of the round will become faster as the game progresses. Therefore, try to grasp the terrain quickly to find a safe way to move. Besides, the vibrant rhythm section can cheer you up. However, if you find this sound distracting, turn it off and experience your own quiet, challenging space.

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