Snowball Rush 3D


Snowball Rush 3D is an exciting skill racing game that requires quick reactions and a sound strategy to win. You will take on the role of an extremely powerful person whose purpose is to push the snowball as far as possible. To accomplish this, collect a large number of little snowballs distributed along the road. As more snow accumulates on the road, your sphere will grow in size. Don't worry about its speed as it grows larger; size is proportionate to speed. The larger the ball, the better your chances are of crossing the finish line with the highest score possible. Create a sensible plan to avoid hitting obstacles as much as possible, as each impact will substantially reduce the size of your snowball. When you arrive at your destination, how many points will your character be able to kick and push the enormous sphere to break? Play now!

How to play

  • Use the mouse to navigate your character

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