Snow Rider 3D


Snow Rider 3D has vivid first-person 3D physics and takes players on delightful trips in freezing snowy mountains styled after Christmas festivals. Get on the wooden sled and begin a challenging race in the game!

Snow Rider 3D is designed as a dynamic racing game, immersing players in a vivid experience akin to winning a real-life speed race. Your goal is to steer the ski vehicle around obstacles on the path for as long as is feasible. You can avoid enormous snowmen and leap over little rocks along the road. Be cautious since your car is quite rudimentary; a single crash into a rock or a snowman can cause it to shatter into hundreds of pieces. So, are you convinced you'll finish the game with a record score? Play Snow Rider 3D now!

How to play

  • Use the left and right arrows or the A and D keys to control
  • Press the up arrow key or spacebar to jump up

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