Santa City Run


In the adventure running game Santa City Run, the nice Santa Claus is in difficulty since he misplaced the gifts he delivered to children on Christmas Eve. Help him avoid deadly automobiles while collecting as many gifts as possible.

Santa City Run immerses you in the festive ambiance, with white snow showers falling over the metropolis. You must guide Santa through the streets, which are filled with dangerous, fast-moving vehicles so that he can finish his task. Be cautious in this neighborhood, as there are multiple bus stops, posing a potential risk of Santa Claus getting hit by one. You are tasked with assisting the character in overcoming obstacles and collecting a multitude of delightful red paper-wrapped presents. Your score will increase as you continue to make progress. Experience the thrill of Santa City Run now!

How to play

  • Use the arrow keys or touch on the screen to control

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Play Christmas Runner the next time to help Santa collect gifts before Christmas Eve.

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