Christmas Runner


Christmas Runner is a delightful agility adventure set in a stunningly constructed environment inspired by Minecraft. Your mission is to portray Santa Claus and solve difficulties in delivering gifts to children before Christmas Eve.

You begin the game in hot pursuit of a furious giant on a rail track. Use your reflexes to evade oncoming trains and jump over perilous obstacles. Don't forget to collect gifts to give to the children. After you've gathered a sufficient amount of gifts, you can improve, package, and finish the chore of delivering them to each family. Try to act swiftly and properly to avoid missing any children on Christmas Eve. Aside from the primary races, discover additional unique aspects of the game, such as character upgrades and the ability to purchase attractive clothing collections from the store. Quickly join Christmas Runner to assist Santa with his responsibilities! Merry Christmas!

How to play

  • Left-click and swipe in all directions to control the character

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