Push The Colors


The goal of the action game Push the Colors is to collect as many blocks of the same color as possible before reaching the level's ending. This game can be played alone, but it's much more enjoyable to compete with another person in 2-player mode. 

You play as a stickman, moving a giant square block and running forward. This stickman must collect as many cubes as possible to defeat the colored monster at the end of the level. Simply navigate to blocks of the same color to gather them. Pay close attention, though, since if you collect blocks of a different color than the ones you already have, you will lose some of your available blocks. If you lose all of your blocks before crossing the finish line, you will lose. You won't get bored with the race because you can alter your character's appearance and attire as you progress. After a few stages, the color of your blocks will change, so be sure you collect the correct ones. So, can you collect enough colored blocks to take down the monsters? Try it now!

How to play

  • Player 1: Use arrow keys to control
  • Player 2: Press WASD keys to move

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