Egg Dash


Egg Dash is an excellent agility platform game based on the renowned Geometry Dash. The game's action remains simple, requiring familiar quick reflexes, but our primary character has been replaced by a beautiful egg. How many times will it take you to keep the egg safe?

Hey, speed fanatics! Play Egg Dash now and you will undoubtedly be captivated by this exciting egg! Whether you've played the original game or not, completing the stages with increasing difficulty won't be simple. After pushing the play button, you must instantly focus on making timely and accurate jumps to safe platforms. The journey of this little egg is fraught with dangers such as thorn rugs and red fire. With a single collision with an obstacle, your egg will shatter and you will have to restart from the beginning. One of the game's charms is its 3D blocky graphics with vibrant colors, which will keep your attention. Explore now three distinct valley themes spanning across difficult stages. Are you ready? Play Egg Dash now to test your hand reflexes!

How to play

  • Press the spacebar to make the egg jump up
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