Basket Random


Basket Random, a 2-player sports game, makes competing in basketball more enjoyable than ever! Enjoy intense basketball competitions in a variety of beautiful settings! Choose a 2-player mode to compete against friends, or focus on becoming a top player in solo mode!

Do you enjoy sports? Come to Basket Random and play unique basketball matches with ragdolls! Your goal is to score as many goals as possible into the opposing basket. This will be challenging if you are playing for the first time because ragdolls have lengthy, awkward limbs that are difficult to manipulate. Try to work effectively with your teammates to score 5 points before your opponent and win. You may be able to change the fields, participants, or even the ball you use to play. With each successive match, you will play on a different, impressive terrain with a greater challenge. So, are you ready to discover the amazing mechanics of this thrilling game? Tap the play button to start playing Basket Random now!

How to play

  • Control the first player with the W key
  • Control the second player with the up arrow key

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