Winter Dodge


In the agility racing game Winter Dodge, you will feel the adrenaline rush of managing the ball to escape dangerous obstacles on the snowy slopes. It only takes a few clicks to navigate the game, yet few players can last longer than 5 seconds. How about you?

Are talented racers prepared to push the limits in Winter Dodge? The game is set in a stunning white snow setting, complete with hundreds of scattered Christmas trees. A red ball is tumbling dangerously down a snowy mountain range, and your goal is to keep it alive for as long as possible. To avoid the closely spaced pine trees, the ball can only move left and right. Navigating the ball is exceedingly difficult because it moves so quickly that you must have lightning-fast reflexes to keep control of its course. Play Winter Dodge now and discover what your top score is.

How to play

  • Use touch, spacebar or left mouse button to control the ball

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