Uphill Rush 10


Uphill Rush 10 allows you to race over lovely New York in the iconic yellow taxi! Hit the gas and show off your driving abilities by collecting all three stars in each level.

Dear elite racers, are you anxious to master the pace in the racing game Uphill Rush 10. Initially, you will drive a familiar yellow taxi across the streets of America. There is no need to be concerned about impediments, even if the route is not clear. As long as you run fast enough, your vehicle can safely ram any obstruction on the road. Explore the lovely themes you'll pass by, such as boulevards, cafés, and even a drive across a pond. You may also alter the driving vehicle to a scooter, skateboard, hovercraft, or zebra, as well as add stunning American outfits. It's time to smash everything in Uphill Rush 10!

How to play

  • To move, press the arrow keys.
  • To speed up, press the space bar.

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