Tunnel Surfers


Tunnel Surfers, an astonishing zero-gravity racing game with realistic 3D visuals, will transport you on a journey like no other. You will compete in a race alongside a group of green stickman. The goal is to collect crystals and recruit as many comrades as possible on the track. There is no gravity in this unending tunnel, so you can run along the walls or even the ceiling without falling. However, avoid hitting the red shields, since they will knock all of your team members away. Unlike previous obstacle running games, you cannot jump or roll; instead, you can only move left and right. This will make it more difficult to overcome the obstacles that stand in your way. However, utilize your talents to survive as long as possible and finish the race with a good score. Are you ready to sprint in Tunnel Surfers?

How to play

  • Use left and right arrow keys; A, D keys or mouse cursor to control in this game

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