SuperSonic Jack


SuperSonic Jack transports you into a perilous space rocket laden with lasers and hazardous toxins to overcome. Awaken your survival talents to help Jack get out of here.

In the action-adventure game SuperSonic Jack, you must help hero Jack overcome obstacles to save his life and accomplish the goal. The evil doctor imprisoned Jack aboard a spaceship riddled with traps to take his life. Your objective is to expertly control Jack as he runs forward and avoids obstacles. Enjoy the thrill of jumping over poisonous barrels and sliding between blazing laser beams. Discover mystical artifacts to develop superpowers such as magnetism, wall walking, and flying. Don't delaying any longer! Jack is ready for you to join him in SuperSonic Jack!

How to play

  • Use arrow keys to move
  • Press the up arrow button or spacebar to jump
  • Press the down arrow button to slide down

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