Super Mario Rush


In the platform game Super Mario Rush, you will help plumber Mario overcome obstacles on his adventure to the Mushroom Kingdom. Play now and explore thrilling new levels!

Blazing, scorching flames are chasing our cherished hero, Mario! There isn't much time, so help him avoid obstacles and rush to the palace to save the princess. However, before reaching his target, Mario must overcome numerous perilous traps and vicious animals that impede his progress. Use your quick reactions to help Mario hop across platforms, avoid traps, and earn valuable gold coins at the same time. You will come across magical artifacts along the way; acquire them to give Mario extra strength to combat traps. Mario is waiting for you to finish the objective in Super Mario Rush! Come play now!

How to play

  • Tap the screen to jump up and tap twice in a row to double jump
  • Press and hold to float in the air
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