Snowboard Master 3D


Snowboard Master 3D is the ultimate agility racing game that allows you to ski in realistic 3D environments set against stunning snowy mountains. The primary aspect to consider in this game is speed. Overcome any difficulties with ease and arrive at your destination in the smallest amount of time.

If you enjoy racing games, Snowboard Master 3D will pique your interest with its amazing parkour scenes set against a white snow background. Your goal is to guide the skiing character safely to the destination as fast as possible. Avoid hitting any obstacles or tree branches on the track. Jump over your opponents to stay ahead. Don't forget to gather the floating gift boxes along the route; they will be useful to you. Come play Snowboard Master 3D now and discover the game's breathtaking surroundings!

How to play

  • Use WASD keys to navigate
  • Press J key to jump up

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