In the 2D action game Run, you control a small gray alien as he runs through obstacles in an unending tube. Test your reflexes in high-speed racing against various unforeseen hazards.

If you want to obtain high scores in Run, you must push your hand and eye reflexes to their limits. Your goal is to guide a gray monster through an unending space tunnel while avoiding hazards. The game creates a realistic atmosphere by using a first-person perspective; you will feel as if you are participating in the race. The game's multi-dimensional area allows you to sprint up walls or even to the ceiling, and the screen will spin in the same direction as you go. You may feel scared and dizzy as the tunnel accelerates and obstacles become more densely populated. Can you set a new record in Run?

How to play

  • To control, use the arrow keys
  • To jump up, press the space bar

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If you're still not satisfied, try the new race with a greater difficulty level in Run 2!

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