Risky Train Crossing


Risky Train Crossing is an exciting strategy game with thrilling action gameplay for individuals who enjoy the adventure genre. This very risky race to the racetrack appears to have no end, as the trials follow one another. So, can you survive?

Risky Train Crossing presents risky tasks as you must dash across tracks crowded with passing trains. Your goal is to get to the other side and survive for as long as possible. When trains are rushing by and you only have a few moments to get through safely, seize the opportunity and move fast. To travel the longest distance, you must devise a fair method to avoid being hit by a train. To guarantee safety, take one step at a time when crossing the rails. If you run a long distance without thinking, you will not be able to last more than five seconds. Join Risky Train Crossing now to experience the game's thrilling prizes!

How to play

  • Drag the mouse in different directions to control the character

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