Relic Runway


In Relic Runway, a casual running agility game, you play as an intrepid archaeologist on a quest to discover wealth at an ancient ruin. Practice your hand reflexes to survive as long as possible in the maze while the monsters chase you!

If you enjoy adventure, Relic Runway is an excellent entertainment option for you. Broken columns, collapsing tunnels, falling rocks, and several other thrilling difficulties in the game will keep you interested. With the primary goal of collecting as much treasure as possible while remaining alive for as long as possible, ability is the most important component in playing this game. Try not to make mistakes since they irritate the gigantic stone god; if you stumble, he will catch up and destroy you. The longer you play, the more chances you'll have to explore new places and discover a variety of special characters with stunning 3D graphics. It's time to become a skilled archaeologist by harvesting an unprecedented number of gold coins in Relic Runway!

How to play

  • Move about by utilizing the arrow keys.

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